Use low-profile Softech® as a performance layer instead of foams and other layering options for a more durable comfort that responds to individual movements.

  • Adds extra comfort while increasing coil counts.
  • Lasts longer than other comfort layers without sagging or settling.
  • Customizable applications and configurations available.
  • Creates an even support surface that minimizes roll-together and partner disturbance.

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Low-profile Softech®

» WATCH NOW to see what makes this little coil more durable and supportive than expensive foam layers.


Compress, Fold, and Roll-Pack

This product is ideal for use in e-commerce hybrid mattresses.

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Active Support

Dynamic response to natural body movements delivers the support needed for deep, relaxing sleep.

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Cooler Sleep

Innersprings transfer heat 28% more efficiently than foam and are cooler on initial contact.

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Upcycled Steel

Every year, we repurpose nearly a million tons of scrap steel to manufacture our innersprings.

Unit Coil Counts

Coil Density Twin Twin XL Full Full XL Queen King Cal King
2.4” 1102/1353 798 861 1102 1189 1353 1722 1702
1.5” 945/1080 665 684 945 972 1080 1368 1386