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The tiny coil with a big story.

Your products need a big selling story. NanoCoil® comfort layer technology will fill your mattresses with a comfort story, cooling story, coil count story, durability story, and much more.

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Steel Strong

82% of RSAs say steel is stronger than all-wood foundations.

Get more survey results and find out how many RSAs had a wood foundation returned due to noise issues.


Simple Life

Mattress + Foundation = More Profit

The Simple Life Mattress Foundation by Leggett & Platt folds and lies flat, so it ships with a regular package carrier. That means there’s no need to stock inventory. You sell, it ships.


Mattress Edge

Living on the edge has a whole new meaning!

Quantum® Edge Steel Perimeter features revolutionary, narrow-diameter coils, providing better support and durability than foam encasement. Watch the new videos now!



Two 9,000-lb. elephants put our SomniGel® comfort layer to the test.

Watch now to see the elephants performing some extreme testing on SomniGel — our scientifically engineered, hollow-column gel layer.


The Virgin Mattress

An uproarious web series about the little mattress store that could!

"The Virgin Mattress" is the story of Sleep Shoppe, a family-owned mattress store trying to make ends meet and stay afloat to avoid being bought out by rival Bed-O-Rama. Will Mal and Grace save the store? Watch and find out!


The Ultimate Hybrid

Rap. Mattresses.
Song. Hybridity.

“Best of both worlds like Mars and Venus. The ULTIMATE HYBRID – nothin' short of genius.”