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The tiny coil with a big story.

Your products need a big selling story. NanoCoil® comfort layer technology will fill your mattresses with a comfort story, cooling story, coil count story, durability story, and much more.

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Steel Strong

82% of RSAs say steel is stronger than all-wood foundations.

Get more survey results and find out how many RSAs had a wood foundation returned due to noise issues.


Mattress Edge

Living on the edge has a whole new meaning!

Quantum® Edge Steel Perimeter features revolutionary, narrow-diameter coils, providing better support and durability than foam encasement. Watch the new videos now!


The Virgin Mattress

An uproarious web series about the little mattress store that could!

"The Virgin Mattress" is the story of Sleep Shoppe, a family-owned mattress store trying to make ends meet and stay afloat to avoid being bought out by rival Bed-O-Rama. Will Mal and Grace save the store? Watch and find out!


The Ultimate Hybrid

Rap. Mattresses.
Song. Hybridity.

“Best of both worlds like Mars and Venus. The ULTIMATE HYBRID – nothin' short of genius.”