Quantum Edge

Quantum® Edge

The Quantum® Edge unit features side rails made up of our narrow-diameter Quantum coils with Caliber steel coils at the head and foot.

  • Quantum side rails deliver enhanced support at the edge of the bed.
  • Caliber head and foot coils offer a more supportive edge than foam encasement.
  • Steel coils are tested 26% more durable than foam and bend 24% easier, meaning less wear and tear when used with an adjustable base.
  • Compresses, folds, and roll-packs for use in shippable finished mattresses for e-commerce.

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Quantum® Edge Steel Perimeter

Narrow-diameter Quantum® Edge forms a perimeter around the bed, replacing foam encasements and offering support all the way to the edge. WATCH NOW to learn more.

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Compress, Fold, and Roll-Pack

This product is ideal for use in e-commerce hybrid mattresses.

ActivEdge™ Technology

26% More DurableThan Foam Encasement

Bends 24% EasierThan Foam on Adjustable Bases

40 Gallons FriendlierThan Foam On The Environment

For every 100 queen mattresses that eliminate foam-encasement and are constructed with ActiveEdge steel perimeter, Leggett & Platt is saving the environment up to 40 gallons of crude oil.

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Active Support

Dynamic response to natural body movements delivers the support needed for deep, relaxing sleep.

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Cooler Sleep

Innersprings transfer heat 28% more efficiently than foam and are cooler on initial contact.

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Upcycled Steel

Every year, we repurpose nearly a million tons of scrap steel to manufacture our innersprings.