Open Coil

Innersprings are the best-selling, most widely used sleep system in the US and in many countries around the world. Much of their success is due to the fact that they sleep cooler than foam – approximately 28% cooler, according to a study conducted by the Kansas State University Institute of Environmental Research.

Our open coil innersprings not only stay cool, they also use Active Support Technology to support the spine and contour to the individual curves of the body.

Explore Leggett & Platt's open coil innersprings and discover the difference engineered support makes when it comes to delivering quality sleep.

VertiCoil® Edge »

The strong perimeter that delivers consistent surface coverage while reducing the feeling of roll-off at the edge of the bed.

Power Edge® Bonnell »

Bonnell coils are surrounded by a 20% firmer edge that's supportive to the edge of the bed.

Everflex® Bonnell »

This mainstay of the mattress industry features dependable Bonnell coils and a clipper border that provides support to the edge of the bed.

Hinge-Flex® »

With a knotted offset design, Hinge-Flex gives mattresses added strength and flexible support.

Lura-Flex® »

The unique, ergonomic design uses an open-end, offset coil for increased sensitivity and responsiveness.