Leggett & Platt is the worldwide leader in developing and producing innerspring technology. Offering a unique blend of comfort and durability, innersprings are the most popular sleep core in the United States.

At Leggett & Platt, we produce a wide range of open coil and fabric-encased innerspring units including our popular family of ComfortCore® and our growing line of ActivEdge™ steel perimeter products.

Benefits of Innersprings

There's an art and science to turning steel into the most popular sleep core on the market. While the process is fascinating and complex, what matters is that people get a good night's sleep. Innersprings offer a unique blend of comfort and durability that delivers blissful rest, night after night.


Innersprings with Leggett & Platt’s Active Support Technology® respond to the individual contours of a sleeper’s body. Infinite pressure relief means your body will sag. When sinking occurs, your body loses proper spinal alignment, which can lead to muscles tensing and fighting for a stable position. Support is a critical factor in finding a relaxed position that leads to deep sleep.

Innerspring Comfort
Innerspring durability


Your mattress should feel the same way every day. It’s well known in the mattress industry that cheap foams break down and lead to body impressions. Leggett & Platt innersprings are tested for durability because we want people to enjoy consistent sleep. Mattresses packed with low-density foam and other cheap materials often do not last. Leggett & Platt is tenacious with internal testing and has monitored the results of millions of units being sold and used in the real world. All that testing and caring about our quality means we can prove our products are durable and deliver great sleep, night after night.

Also, we’ve been roll-packing our products for years and have proven the bounce-back characteristics of our innersprings. If you’re building beds for shippable e-commerce programs, we have durable, comfortable components that are roll-pack ready.


Look at springs and then look at foam. Which do you think sleeps cooler? Innersprings are open to the air, whereas foam is a lock-cell material that traps heat. The Kansas State University Environmental sciences lab has even shown that innersprings transfer heat up to 28% more efficiently than all foam products. Gimmicks might create an initial cooling effect, but innersprings are proven to more efficiently move heat away from a sleeper.

Innerspring cooler