Since 1940, Flex-O-Lators has been designing and manufacturing insulator components for the bedding industry.

Products include Perm-A-Lator® spring wire insulators and Flex-Net plastic insulators. And since 1980, Flex-O-Lators has been designing and manufacturing extruded Flex-Foam support systems for mattresses and boxsprings.

Edge Support Systems: Flex-Foam

Flex-Foam is an extruded polyethylene foam designed to posturize innersprings and/or add edge support. Flex-Foam is lightweight, easy to work with, and easy to install. Flex-Foam Edge Supports improve the firmness of the bedding and help eliminate soft edges for a full sleep surface. Flex-Foam Corner Supports add support to the corners and Flex-Foam Support Bars add posturizing and edge firmness.

VertiCoil® Edge Support Encasement

Edge Support Encasement is custom-engineered and designed exclusively for VertiCoil® innersprings.

The Edge Support Encasement creates a uniform edge and full sleep surface, edge to edge.