Comfort Layers

Comfort Layers

In the mattress industry, it's well known that foams break down and can create unsightly, uncomfortable body impressions. That's why we've developed comfort layers that stand the test of time.

With new advancements in Fine Wire Technology, we've created micro-coils that bring comfort and durability closer to the surface. By placing tiny coils at the top of the sleep set, you're building mattresses proven to resist sagging and settling.

Our gel comfort layer products add a new dimension of durability because they're engineered to bounce back to their original shape without taking an impression.

Discover details about Leggett & Platt's comfort layer technologies.

  • NanoCoil® »

    Proven to last longer than foam while resisting sagging and settling and boosting coil counts.

  • Softech® »

    Removes the need for foam layers and provides unparalleled durability and sag-resistance.

  • NanoCoil® Edge »

    Firmer coils around the edge of the mattress, bringing the support and durability of ActivEdge to the surface of a mattress.