Our Combi-Zone® units feature coils of different heights and diameters that are positioned into strategic zones to provide the greatest amount of support to main pressure points, like the hips, back, and shoulders.

  • Creates a distinct difference in firmness between zones for exceptional comfort.
  • Allows you to customize units with different coil configurations.
  • Helps you boost coil counts.
  • Provides an even surface that minimizes roll-together.

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ActivEdge™ Technology

26% More DurableThan Foam Encasement

Bends 24% EasierThan Foam on Adjustable Bases

40 Gallons FriendlierThan Foam On The Environment

For every 100 queen mattresses that eliminate foam-encasement and are constructed with ActiveEdge steel perimeter, Leggett & Platt is saving the environment up to 40 gallons of crude oil.

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Active Support

Dynamic response to natural body movements delivers the support needed for deep, relaxing sleep.

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Cooler Sleep

Innersprings transfer heat 28% more efficiently than foam and are cooler on initial contact.

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Upcycled Steel

Every year, we repurpose nearly a million tons of scrap steel to manufacture our innersprings.

Unit Coil Counts

Coil Density Twin Twin XL Full Full XL Queen King Cal King
756 772 1016 n/a 1130 1414 1384