Foam encasement belongs in the same sentence as dial-up internet and the phrase “Be Kind, Please Rewind.” Upgrade to the new trend in bedding technology.

Leggett & Platt’s line of steel coil perimeters form a frame around select ComfortCore® units, providing a better edge than foam, reducing or eliminating that roll-off feeling, and delivering a consistent sleep surface.

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Our premium edge products are tested 26% more durable than foam encasement and bend 24% easier on adjustable bases, which means less wear and tear on moving parts.

Also, you can compress, fold, and roll-pack ActivEdge products for use in a shippable finished mattresses for eCommerce.

NanoCoil® Edge

Firmer coils around the edge of the mattress, bringing the support and durability of ActivEdge to the surface of a mattress.

Caliber Edge

Tempered-steel coils frame ComfortCore® innerspring units for durable, comfortable support all the way to the edge.

Quantum Edge®

Each reinforced side features Quantum coil rails along with Caliber steel coils at the head and foot to deliver an enhanced edge experience.

Quantum Edge® Elite

Leggett & Platt’s tempered-steel perimeter unit offers premium edge support in our highest coil counts.

* Element – Incremental Durability Firmness Test Deflection of 60% of height for 100,000 cycles.

** Contact your sales rep for rollator testing data.

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