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"Innersprings" Posts

The Differences Between Bonnell and VertiCoil® Innersprings

At a quick glance, one may assume these two innersprings are too similar to tell apart. While there are quite a few similarities, there are also some differences...

Springs and Shakes: The History of Leggett & Platt

The story of Leggett & Platt started with a handshake. The rest is history.

Zombie Cure Update

After experimenting with various treatments, we’ve found the cure for the zombie virus. It turns out that a good…

Where’s the Banana?

Everyone knows that the banana is the true king of the jungle. But good sleep is the king of good health and a great life, and we obviously can’t have one with the other.

How Leggett & Platt makes steel

Forming steel and wire into the most widely used sleep support system on the planet is a delicate process...

Have you heard of Hooke’s Law?

Hooke’s Law says a spring pushes back with the same force...

What do you mean by Active Support?

The basics of a good mattress are simple: combine the right amount of support and pressure relief and you’ve...

Newsflash: Innersprings do this 28% better

Foam beds are hot and innersprings sleep cooler. As Ron Burgundy would say, “It’s science...