About the Bedding Group

In 1883, while Thomas Edison was inventing his first electric light bulb, inventor J.P. Leggett reached out and shook hands with a blacksmith named C.B. Platt. That shake formed a partnership that would shape the way the world sleeps.

To solve the sagging sleep surface problem plaguing the country, Leggett & Platt started manufacturing steel coil bedsprings in the Platt Plow Works building in Carthage, Missouri.

Since the moment that handshake launched a startup inside a farm equipment factory, we’ve been innovating around innerspring technology and spring-making equipment.

Today we hold more than a thousand bedding-related patents and are the world’s leader in components technology for the mattress industry.

Leggett & Platt makes machinery in Switzerland and the United States and produces innersprings on five continents. We recycle our own steel, draw wire, make machinery, shape springs, assemble innerspring units, and deliver to customers. From crafting the steel recipe to churning out world-class quality products, we own the entire process, which contributes to the highest quality and consistency.

From ideas to inventions to reality, it’s what we do. Some people say we’re the best in the world.

Leggett & Platt is a multibillion dollar company that innovates in a variety of industries such as automotive, aerospace, adjustable beds, machinery, and furniture. We repurpose ideas from partner businesses and inject them into our bedding products.

Our company’s story is really about a handshake. It’s about two guys that loved big ideas, partnered up, pushed aside the plows, and cut their own path. It’s a story about a lot of handshakes along the way that created a global company with more than 20,000 employee-partners who make products that enhance people’s lives.

Leggett & Platt – your partner in the bedding business since 1883.

Benefits of Buying from Leggett & Platt

Leggett & Platt delivers the most consistent, high-quality innersprings and bedding components on the planet. We know it’s true because our customers tell us. When buying our components, you’re getting products backed by more than a century of experience. You’re also getting domestic distribution with strategic locations all over the country.


Leggett & Platt is the leading innovator in bedding components technology. Widely known for ComfortCore® innersprings, open coil innersprings, and mattress foundations, we develop and create a catalog of products to serve the mattress industry.

ComfortCore® »

ComfortCore fabric-encased innersprings are comfortable, contouring, and durable. The individually wrapped coils isolate motion transfer to minimize partner disturbance. Additionally, each coil flexes and moves independently to deliver support where it's needed most.

These world-class core unit coils feature added strength through heat or electricity tempering, giving the coil resilience and a uniform amount of resistance.

Available in a range of heights and styles, the ComfortCore family of products includes high-quality components that will give your customers comfortable, supportive, restful sleep.

Open Coil »

Our open coil innersprings not only stay cool, they also use Active Support Technology® to support the spine and contour to the individual curves of the body.

Foundations »

Without a supportive structure, a mattress cannot perform to its fullest potential. Leggett & Platt manufactures a variety of steel-wire mattress foundations and boxsprings that offer flexible support that’s built to last.

Comfort Layers »

It’s well known that foam breaks down and can create unsightly, uncomfortable body impressions. That’s why we’ve developed comfort layers that stand the test of time. With new advancements in Fine Wire Technology, we’ve created micro-coils that bring comfort and durability closer to the surface. By placing tiny coils at the top of the sleep set, you’re building mattresses proven to resist sagging and settling.

ActivEdge™ »

Eliminate weak foam encasement and get the edge over your competition with ActivEdge. Leggett & Platt’s tempered-steel coil perimeter frames ComfortCore innerspring units to deliver a durable, dynamic edge.

Reduce or eliminate that feeling of roll-off and create a consistent sleep surface all the way to the edge.

The coils in ActivEdge are encased with fabric, allowing them to move independently of each other to support the individual contours of the body. Additionally, the tempered steel is 26% more durable than foam and bends 24% easier on adjustable bases.

ActivEdge products can compress, fold, and roll-pack for use in a shippable finished mattress for e-commerce.