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Zombie Cure Update


I am Professor K. L. Southwick from the Zombieology Department at the University of Helsinki. I recently became concerned that some of my colleagues may have been infected with the zombie virus, jeopardizing my research.

I experimented with various radical medical treatments such as antifungal creams, chamomile tea, prune juice, leeches, and ear candles. We even tried equine therapy but they devoured one of the horses.

As a last resort, I had my associates lay down on an ActivEdge infused Comfort Core mattress. After a surprisingly short period of restful sleep on the comfortable, supportive surface, their condition improved dramatically.

While I have been nominated for the Nordic Medical Prize, I am merely grateful to have my colleagues returned to their normal state. I also sincerely apologize to zombie TV show fans for causing their series to conclude.

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Ken Southwick

Ken Southwick is a Senior Graphic Designer for Leggett & Platt Marketing + Creative.