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You won’t believe what percentage of returns are wood


A lot is riding on your mattress foundation. To support a good night’s sleep, it needs to be strong and silent. And it needs to be a product Retail Sales Associates (RSAs) prefer to sell.

Leggett & Platt surveyed 100 RSAs and found the overwhelming majority believe steel wire foundations are stronger than all-wood and they prefer selling steel with a quality sleep set.

Here are some quick results from our research:

  • 82% of RSAs believe steel foundations are stronger and last longer than all-wood buildups.
  • 85% of returns due to noise are all-wood foundations (e.g., squeaks and creeks).
  • 93% of RSAs said wood foundations are sold at the low end.

The foundation can add to a mattresses comfort, elevate the height, and create a visual appeal. Since most RSAs prefer steel, you should take note and build your foundations with products like Semi-Flex that are proven to hold up and not contribute to noise problems.

Click here to watch a video and find out more about our steel survey.


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Mark Kinsley

Mark Kinsley is Leggett & Platt's Staff Vice President of Marketing for the Bedding Group. Outside the office he enjoys spending time with family, mountain biking, hiking, and snow skiing. Connect with Mark on Twitter via @markkinsley.