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The Rollator Test Explained


For mattress manufacturers to make customers happy for the long term, they need to trust that your mattresses can take a fair amount of punishment and be none the worse for the wear.

At Leggett Labs, we have a variety of tests, including our most popular, the rollator .

The rollator test consists of a hexagonal 240-lb. drum rolling across the width of a mattress for 100,000 cycles (200,000 passes) at approximately 1,000 cycles per hour. We record periodic visual and laser-tested observations to report surface flattening and/or damage.

If you’d like to add more weight, we can make the rollator heavier to truly test mattress durability.

Learn more about our testing capabilities.


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Mark Kinsley

Mark Kinsley is Leggett & Platt's Staff Vice President of Marketing for the Bedding Group. Outside the office he enjoys spending time with family, mountain biking, hiking, and snow skiing. Connect with Mark on Twitter via @markkinsley.