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American Mattress Warrior at Leggett Labs


Have you seen the show American Ninja Warrior? In the television series, athletes must endure a series of obstacles in a race toward the finished line and avoid being dumped into a pit of water. It’s a test that requires endurance, balance, and strength. In the mattress world, there’s a similar gauntlet of abuse that many mattresses go through to prove their durability.

At Leggett Labs, we have an obstacle course that puts every mattress to the ultimate test.


It starts with the ASTM Certified tests: the rollator and the Cornell.

The rollator is a giant drum that weighs at least 240 pounds. Back and forth, to and fro, the rollator passes over a mattress 100,000 times, simulating 10 years of use and abuse. The technicians take the mattress off the rollator during set intervals to determine if the mattress is losing height and firmness. Firmness loss of less than three percent is considered a high-performing sleep set.

The Cornell test features an object on the end shaped like a buttocks. It’s often call the butt test because of the plastic platen that beats against a mattress in an attempt to break its will to continue offering comfort and support.


These are just two of the tests we perform at Leggett Labs. Click here to find out more. If you have your own test in mind, something that’s never been done, we can help you design the mattress obstacle course of your dreams.  

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Mark Kinsley

Mark Kinsley is Leggett & Platt's Staff Vice President of Marketing for the Bedding Group. Outside the office he enjoys spending time with family, mountain biking, hiking, and snow skiing. Connect with Mark on Twitter via @markkinsley.