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Ep 78: 5 Reasons The Mattress Industry's Future Is Bright

Dos Marcos discuss the future of the mattress industry.

The Differences Between Bonnell and VertiCoil® Innersprings

At a quick glance, one may assume these two innersprings are too similar to tell apart. While there are quite a few similarities, there are also some differences...

Some Like It Squishy, Some Like It Ploofy

The quilting, or lack thereof, of a mattress is a key focal point in the selling of a mattress.

Springs and Shakes: The History of Leggett & Platt

The story of Leggett & Platt started with a handshake. The rest is history.

Zombie Cure Update

After experimenting with various treatments, we’ve found the cure for the zombie virus. It turns out that a good…

Where’s the Banana?

Everyone knows that the banana is the true king of the jungle. But good sleep is the king of good health and a great life, and we obviously can’t have one with the other.

Ep. 80: Tuft & Needle's Merger with SSB

Tuft & Needle merged with SSB. Dos Marcos dive into details.

Episode 81: Casper Didn't Bankrupt Mattress Firm

Despite what CNN reported, Casper didn't bankrupt Mattress Firm.

Zombie Sleep Hypothesis and Methodology

The most interesting thing about zombies is their sleeping habits...

Ep. 72: BANNED from the Bedding Conference

At the 2018 Furniture Today Bedding Conference, Mark Kinsley closed the show. Part of his presentation was banned because it nearly destroyed a $10,000 chandelier.

The Cornell Test Explained

It might be a funny-looking test, but it’ll make a wimpy mattress wish...

PODCAST Ep. 70: Helix Sleep Co-Founder Jerry Lin

While in New York City, Mark Kinsley stopped by the Helix headquarters to listen to Jerry Lin's story.

How to build a mattress with Quantum Edge

You may have heard about Quantum Edge ComfortCore innersprings...

The Rollator Test Explained

For mattress manufacturers to make customers happy for the long term, they need to trust...

How Leggett & Platt makes steel

Forming steel and wire into the most widely used sleep support system on the planet is a delicate process...

PODCAST Ep. 62: The Mysterious Underworld of Online Mattress Review Sites

You won’t believe what’s happening behind the scenes.

You won’t believe what percentage of returns are wood

Leggett & Platt surveyed 100 RSAs and found...

This Comes up 93% of Mattress-Buying Interactions

According to Sleep Geek research that polled 100 retail sales associates (RSAs), the edge of the mattress comes up...

American Mattress Warrior at Leggett Labs

At Leggett Labs, we have an obstacle course that puts every mattress to the ultimate test.

Have you heard of Hooke’s Law?

Hooke’s Law says a spring pushes back with the same force...

What do you mean by Active Support?

The basics of a good mattress are simple: combine the right amount of support and pressure relief and you’ve...

How to make innersprings (steel, wire, coils)

Discover what it takes to make steel, wire, coils, and innersprings...

Newsflash: Innersprings do this 28% better

Foam beds are hot and innersprings sleep cooler. As Ron Burgundy would say, “It’s science...