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How Leggett & Platt makes steel

3/22/2018 | innersprings
Forming steel and wire into the most widely used sleep support system on the planet is a delicate process. You need wire that is tough.

Have you heard of Hooke’s Law?

3/22/2018 |
Since the inception of springs, Hooke’s Law has been the science behind supported sleep.

What do you mean by Active Support?

The basics of a good mattress are simple: combine the right amount of support and pressure relief and you’ve landed on a winning combination.

How to make innersprings (steel, wire, coils)

3/22/2018 | innersprings, sleep cooler
There are four primary ways to change the feel of a coil. You can change the tensile strength, number of turns, gauge, and how the coil is connected to other springs.

Newsflash: Innersprings do this 28% better

3/21/2018 | sleep cooler, ActivEdge
Foam beds are hot and innersprings sleep cooler.