Leggett & Platt is the world's largest manufacturer of innersprings – a proven technology that continues to evolve.


Comfort mostly comes from proper spinal alignment. If the spine isn't supported, the muscles will tense and fight for a stable position. That's why good support is critical to comfort.

Active Support

Innersprings respond to body shape and movements. Instead of absorbing all the energy, making it difficult to move, coils add buoyancy that makes it easier to move.


A mattress should feel the same every day. Foam and other open-cell materials break down, but innersprings stay lofty night after night. Leggett & Platt coils are tempered to stress-relieve the wire, allowing it to keep its shape and deliver consistent comfort.


Leggett & Platt owns North America's largest electric furnace, located in Sterling, Illinois. There, we melt scrap and transform the molten liquid into rod that is then drawn into wire. Our high-carbon wire is formed into a variety of gauges we can shape into unique coil designs.

Our fabric-encased coils are wrapped in a non-woven material that's ideal for ultrasonically welding. The fabric creates a pocket for each coil that moves with the spring and limits noise.